making lemonade with levity

I’ve been surprised over and over by the rapidity and strength with which Mike and I have formed bonds with virtual strangers because of our common connection to illness or other trauma. Most recently, we connected in this way with a guy named Josh Perry, a woodworker we found on Instagram — who has helped us design and fashion several incredible pieces for our home — and his wife, Jamey. In the past couple of years, Jamey was diagnosed with a nerve disease, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelineating Polyneuropathy, which has limited her ability to walk and necessitated her use of a wheelchair. Instead of allowing this circumstance at a young age (and with two little kids to boot!) to embitter or overwhelm them, Josh and Jamey have used this life-changing experience as a reason to double-down on the pursuit of their dreams. Josh is building his woodworking portfolio with the goal of making a business out of it. His work is incredible, and we are so honored to be among his first clients and to be co-designing various pieces with him. Jamey, meanwhile, is pursuing her dream of becoming a TV writer, and is hard at work on a pilot script. At the same time, she’s kicking ass and taking names in wheelchair motocross — and is currently the number-one ranked woman in the sport! While I haven’t had the chance to meet Jamey in person yet, we’ve become friends via social media and text message and are planning a dinner sometime soon.

Meanwhile, Mike and our friend, Rob, were able to join Josh in his home woodworking studio to lend a hand on our record-cabinet project. (As you can see, all three of them passed the 10-finger challenge that afternoon.)


Josh subsequently posted this photo on Instagram with the following caption “TheMICHAELSCOTT record cabinet is finishing nicely. Needs doors, hardware and a nice finish before leaving the shop. AND maybe some legs.”


With a dark humor that I deeply appreciate, Jamey soon responded, “Legs are overrated.” The Instagram comment conversation that ensued led to Jamey suggest that Josh put the whole thing on roller skates instead. Here’s the drawing he sent.


My response? A call for haiku captions. (We’ve since shared the story with our friends, Ted and Sara, who have contributed their own haiku captions to this silly, wacky, joy-finding adventure of ours.) Here’s what the six of us have come up with so far:


Music hutch on wheels/Roller derby icecapades/Who needs legs to dance?


Dance with a cabinet/Incredibly romantic/Wheelchair roller skates love


Roll with me my love/To a place of groovy sound/Our hands, wheels delight


Not ungraceful, still–/Needle scratch, collective gasp/Wheelchairs suck on ice


1) disco isn’t dead/rolling disc player proves it/Donna Summer rules
2) cabinet with legs/records and music up top/Rollerblades on feet
3) Record Skaterson/world champion disc spinner/live tonight Mike’s house


1) Wheels instead of legs/Who needs those legs anyway?/But please build the doors
2) Business on the top/And party on the bottom/A mullet on wheels

Which is your favorite so far? 

Join in our lemonade-making endeavor by writing your own haiku (or two!) in the comments section. And join me in thanking my lucky stars for friends, old and new, who can find laughter — or maybe just a wry smile — in the midst of misfortune.

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